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CNC Routing

Our CNC router is able to take a piece of material, which could range from plywood to aluminum and is able to trim the material to a precise measurement. This is achieved by a multi-step process. Once a design is entered into our software, the cutter is selected, the material is secured, and the routing process begins. The actual cutting process happens automatically. The router operates and cuts on three different axes, meaning there can be a little-to-no limit on what shape and cut can be ultimately achieved.


Plywood Selection


Baltic birch plywood. This is a great prototyping material for many CNC projects. It’s low-cost, high-quality, and paintable.

Aluminum Supplier


Aluminum stampings and die-cuts are primarily used for shims, washers, gaskets, and spacers. Industries where these types of aluminum parts are used include: Medical, Healthcare, & Automotive



A naturally transparent amorphous thermoplastic with the ability to internally transmit light almost as effectively as glass. It withstands impacts far greater than many other commonly used plastics. 



It is the plastic of choice for components in the engine compartment of vehicles because of its strength, temperature resilience, and chemical compatibility. Mainly used for gaskets, washers, slides, spacers, shims, wear plates, strip bearings, sleeve bearings, and retainer rings.

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