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Contract Packaging

Contract packaging companies work closely with product manufacturers and managers to formulate and complete the packaging process by an established deadline.

Contract packaging proves useful for businesses in a wide array of industries ranging from retail to trade, commercial, and beyond. The final packaging has the potential to take an array of forms, each of which hinges on the product’s unique qualities. Examples of such packaging include:

  • Tan Bending or Plain Chip TBC

  • SBS Solid Bleached Sulphate SBS

  • Clay Coated News & Kraft Back CCNB or CCKB

  • Micro Flute Corrugated

  • Standard Corrugated Flutes

  • Kraftpak


The bottom line is, businesses of all sorts and sizes tasked with high-volume product packaging fulfillment can likely benefit from contract packaging. Lean on experienced contract packaging experts and the unique packaging your product needs will be provided with its particular nuances squarely in mind.

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